At the core, A Perfectionist that Settles ONLY for Excellence.

This is in ALL areas from Design to Delivery.

My Story

Starting back in the early 80's, Engineering School, Working with IBM, Data General, and in DataComm.

Next came Novell, Apple, and Dell on Networks (LANS)
This was followed by Networks, Servers, and the Internet in the 90's.

Websites, Programs that ran on websites with databases, and streaming media were the first 10 years of the 2000's.

The last 15 years were filled with large Database needs for business over web pages and custom Cloud Solutions.

With over 25 years of web design and programming, our library of solutions save time in development and total cost for our clients.

Work for the Auto Industry, Financial Industry, Real Estate Industry, and many Start-Ups provide the experience and resources to solve any business need.

The best way to summarize what I do is to look at the needs of Small Business, Non-Profits, and Start-Ups.
What Systems and/or Business needs can be met by utilizing websites and servers.

  • Large Database Solutions with MYSQL/PHP
  • Media Organization and Custom Streaming
  • Basic Websites with SEO and Website 'Refresh'
  • Custom Business Solutions including Private Cloud Solutions

In a span of over 30 years, there have been some areas of focus and many hours of development like:

  • Streaming on the Web and ROKU Channels
  • Solve for simple and complex Business needs
  • Design/Build/Host Websites from Basic to Complex
  • Working with Start-Ups and Non-Profits